7 Tips for taking the Sept Place

So I’ve discovered I’ve got a new enemy.

A woman so trifling that only the brave , dumb, and broke enter into her line of work.

A woman that can hold 7 people.

A woman that moves as if she drunk off Sky Vodka , walking back to the Quad after partying with the bruhs (#Q-U-A-D awwwwww yeah!) that’s Howard University lingo for all u souls unfortunate enough to not be an alumni

A woman  vehicle called the Sept Place 

*cue scary movie music*

Yes the Sept place is an , usually old station wagon that carries people across the country. In other countries it is called a bush taxi. When driving in a 7 Place please remember these 7 undeniable truths.

  1. The 7 place will break down at least 72% of the time. Please bring enough money to catch another 7 place or bus to your final destination.
  2. The baby on board will not go to sleep as you thought and you will begin to hallucinate. Pack sleep medicine.
  3. Noone wants to hear about you and travels. Bring headphones and shut the heck up.
  4. You’re eventually going to stop for food. Do you want a chicken sandwich , egg sandwich, or thon (tuna). That’s it. Ain’t nobody got time for you to run and order a damn hamburger buddy.
  5. Don’t put your feet on the chair.
  6. If you eat in the car, you should offer it to your fellow passengers.
  7. If someone says your name and any of the following words:
    1. Duff
    2. Doule
    3. Imbecile

Shut up bro, they dont like you


Each one, teach one.



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