Electrafrique Dakar

House music, Angolan Music, Funk, Soukous …this party was lit af!! First the venue,Ngor Yaatouna was a dreamy spacious beachfront. Then there were so many interesting people, unique hairstyles,  and fashion. This was a great way to end my Birthday Month! The awesome lighting and electric vibes made for an amazing night with friends. Electrafrique always […]

Le Ngor Review

Atmosphere: 8  Service: 9 Food :8   My date drove us up to Corniche Almadies  and finally settled upon a gorgeous beach front restaurant in the middle of the day. Beautiful paintings and structures lay in front of the restaurant, sold by a gentle old man (his name escapes me at the moment) . The clam […]

8 Natural Hair & Skin Items Gals in Dakar Will Love

8. Toulekouna Oil This earthy scented oil is found primarily in the Casamance region of Southern Senegal. It is well known for it’s skin toning abilities and can not be found at many places. Think of it as Senegal’s little secret. 7. Aloe Vera Found on sidewalks and gardens all across Dakar, you can ask […]

Chez Fatou Review

Atmosphere: 9  Service: 4 Food :6 Chez Fatou..I’ve heard so much about you. I’m glad we finally met! The scenery was beautiful and the mimosas did not disappoint. The seating area was open and had a great view to the oceans and the midday surfers. Service is really important to me and the people who […]

GoGo’s Cupcake & Coffee Shop Review

Atmosphere: 9  Service: 9 Food :9   Mouthwatering Cupcakes  ✔ Unique Alice in Wonderland teaspoons ✔ Giant Teacups ✔ Pink pillows and decor ✔ Welcome to my second favorite place in Dakar. Gogo’s Cupcake & Coffee Shop is located across the street from College Sacre Couer. When you walk in you will be greeted by a quaint pink […]

Mr. Eazi , My new favorite musician & why he should be yours too

1. He music is bombbbbb. My personal favorites are Hollop, Bankulize, Legover, & the panty dropper Skingtight . His music is relatable…love, dancing, and even the horrific…getting left on Read (yikes). 2. His love interests are different shades of chocolate.  As a chocolate girl, it took some extra work to perceive myself as beautiful after being […]

Senegalese Ceebu Jen ( Jollof)

All this fight about Nigerian Jollof vs Ghanaian Jollof and everyone is leaving out the Great-Grandfather of Jollof Rice, Ceebu Jen (literally means rice and fish). According to the best Senegalese I’ve spoken to, Ceebu Jen originated in present-day Saint Louis among a Wolof  woman. Now in Senegal, there are two type of Ceebu Jen; […]

Vegan/ Vegetarian Mafe

Mafe is the ultimate comfort food in Dakar. It is also well known to make you very tired. I tried to stay as authentic as possible but I added a lot more vegetables in order to make it a bit more hearty. Ingredients  1 Onion 2 Carrots 2-3 Potatoes 1 cup of chopped butternut squash/ […]