Fashion on a budget Dakar Style!

You probably came to Dakar and realized that 99% of everyone you meet looks like they’re on their way to an awards show and you’re tired of looking like the unloved step child.  Big shopping malls like Sea Plaza (okay..basically the only shopping mall in Dakar) can be pretty expensive and if you’re trying to ball out on a Peace Corps or Teacher budget, you will be broke fast. But have no fear, Meeka’s here and I’m about to show you how to stay cute without breaking the bank.

3. Numero Uno

Think of Numero like Zara’s baby sister who steals all her clothes. Numero Uno has tons of cute styles at a broad range of prices. Usually dresses range from 5,000 CFA to 15,000 CFA and shorts and pants range from 4,000 CFA to 8,000 CFA. There are multiple locations but I find the one in Liberte 6 to be the biggest. They also have a shoe store right next door at that location but most of the shoes I ‘ve bought there have not lasted very long…it could be the fault of Dakar sand though.

2. The Market

Image result for marche sandaga

If you’re feeling adventurous I would check out one of the many weekly or daily markets. I usually go to liberte 6, Marche Samedi (which happens every Saturday). I would go with someone who is familiar with prices and Wolof because you will have to do a lot of haggling. You may dig for hours through a crate full of  second-handed shirts for 200 CFA or you may spend 40 minutes convincing the seller to sell you a pretty second hand dress for 4,000 CFA instead of the 7,000 CFA that he refuses to lower. Protect your money and belongings here because it’s really crowded and the perfect place for pickpockets. Marche Sandaga also has a big range of items and most are new, not second hand like Marche Samedi. You can find club outfits, beachwear, and everything in between. It’s also a good place to buy fabric. If anyone tells you to go to Market make sure you bring a friend your first time because it gets very hectic. Marche Sandega and HLM are hella big and the aggressive  middlemen there will keep trying to bring you to their “father’s shop”.  You may want to learn a few curse words just in case 🙂

  1.  Local tailors

Not only will your style be unique but you basically do any style you’ve ever wanted. Get creative, go to sites like pininterest and Instagram to find styles that fit your style the best.

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  1. I plan on heading to the market this Saturday. Any guidance on what items should typically cost ?

    1. Meeka Boom says:

      It really depends on what you want to buy. If buying regular fabric/ wax, 6 meters is around 6,500 cfa. The lace fabric is a bit more expensive. Second hand clothes really depends. Listen out for men yelling prices and also try to listen to what women around u are paying. the first price is never the real price, I would start haggling at around half of what they say and go up a little. never pl;ay the first price. the second price will probably be too high as well. What market are you going to?

  2. Beautiful. I love living in Southern Africa because tailored looks are affordable and give you a chance to stand out while being creative. Love your dress!

  3. Shaziane says:

    I never realized how difficult shoppong was until I grew up, and the seamstresses became less (since everybody wanted name brands). A good tailor/seamstress does wonders, and you’ll always be comfortable

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