Staying Safe While Solo Traveling Tips

Women everywhere have been sharing scary incidents where they felt unsafe in hotels. These safety tips should help solo travelers be more prepared for anything that comes their way. Read reviews. Stay at hotels in good areas when possible. Don’t Share your location at all times. Pre-plan your transportation from the airport to your hotel. […]

8 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Egypt

If you’re a part of any travel groups, I am sure you have witnessed the great divide between people who loved visiting Egypt and those who vow never to go back. I think the quality of your experience varies on your expectations, your tour guides, and the type of traveler you are. Regardless, I think […]

12 Day Rome Itinerary: Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre

I wasn’t prepared to fall in love with Italy the way I did. Months later and I still dream of how fresh the food was prepared, how astonishingly beautiful the beaches are, and how magical Venice is. If you are trying to decide between Italy and somewhere else, choose Italy. It is a life changing […]

Melbourne to Sydney

I spend a lot of time dreaming about things — incredible adventures I want to go on, self-improvement projects, all those books I plan on reading! And there’s nothing wrong with that. Dreaming is wonderful. What I’ve noticed, though, is that sometimes I get stuck in the thinking and dreaming mode, and don’t actually take […]

When in Rome…

If you’re someone who tends spin out into a meltdown, rage, shutdown, or anxiety attack, things can be really difficult. A small frustration or fear can be turned into something huge, and ruin your entire day. If this is you, know that you’re not alone. This happens to a lot of people, in a variety […]

2 Week Iceland Road Trip

In a quiet room, we can find stillness. And in that stillness, we can contemplate our own mind. What we often find is that the mind is very restless. It wants to take care of a thousand things, because it’s feeling some uncertainty and fear. It wants to fix problems, take care of all the […]