Fashion on a budget Dakar Style!

You probably came to Dakar and realized that 99% of everyone you meet looks like they’re on their way to an awards show and you’re

Electrafrique Dakar

House music, Angolan Music, Funk, Soukous …this party was lit af!! First the venue,Ngor Yaatouna was a dreamy spacious beachfront. Then there were so many interesting

Le Ngor Review

Atmosphere: 8  Service: 9 Food :8   My date drove us up to Corniche Almadies  and finally settled upon a gorgeous beach front restaurant in the

Chez Fatou Review

Atmosphere: 9  Service: 4 Food :6 Chez Fatou..I’ve heard so much about you. I’m glad we finally met! The scenery was beautiful and the mimosas

GoGo’s Cupcake & Coffee Shop Review

Atmosphere: 9  Service: 9 Food :9   Mouthwatering Cupcakes  ✔ Unique Alice in Wonderland teaspoons ✔ Giant Teacups ✔ Pink pillows and decor ✔ Welcome to my second

Senegalese Ceebu Jen ( Jollof)

All this fight about Nigerian Jollof vs Ghanaian Jollof and everyone is leaving out the Great-Grandfather of Jollof Rice, Ceebu Jen (literally means rice and